Get Involved And Participate

Recently, I’ve attended to Rails Summit Latin America, and among some brilliant talks, there was one which impressed me the most. It was from Dr. Nic Williams, a well-known Ruby on Rails programmer, talking about how can everyone participate at the open source community.

During his talk, he explained about some tips for those who wants to get involved and participate in the open source community, like doing unit tests, knowing a versioning system such as git and svn, and taking part at some open source project, independently at the role that you play on that project.
But the tip that made me considering write this blog post was: “write a blog”. 🙂 It doesn’t matter that you sometimes make mistakes on what you’re posting, the most important thing is, someone will always know a subject more than you do, and will post a comment correcting you if you’re wrong, and that way, the blogger will be able to learn from it’s own mistakes. And if you’re not wrong, awesome, other people will be able to learn from your blog. So that writing a blog becomes a learning cycle. Always.

In this space, I’ll discuss agile, TDD, algorithms, programming languages, tools and some other random stuffs that comes to my mind. Feel free to join the blog, post comments and interact.

So lets go get involved and participate. 🙂